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Paris Hilton Purchased A Tiny $8,000 Dog — Will That One End Up Dead, Too?

Paris Hilton Bought A Teeny $8,000 Dog


Paris Hilton Purchased A Tiny $8,000 Dog — Will That One End Up Dead, Too?

Hey, Paris Hilton got such a puppy on Monday, and damn, it’s cute.

Paris Hilton

The itty bitty canine is known as Gemstone Baby. Also, it already includes 1000 supporters on Instagram. But does other people find Paris Hilton’s small dog acquisition creepy? Based on TMZ, she’s bought four dogs within the last four years. What’s going on together? Could they be okay? A minimum of two others was wiped out by “coyotes” in 2008 (??), and Gawker reported that around the same time frame, gossip was circulating that Paris includes an inclination to disregard the dog’s training needs plus they finish up dead. Hopefully, she’s matured a couple of many can previously, at any rate, bring in help to look after her pets appropriately.

Oh, cash is no object, since her newest teacup chihuahua acquisition cost $8,000. She also purchased a Pomeranian in 2015 for $13,00, and two other Chihuahuas two yrs ago that cost $25,000, altogether.

 Paris Hilton

Be secure, little dogs. You’re both costly and innocent in most this.

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