Top 10 Best Guard Dog Breeds for Security protection


Doberman Pinscher


doberman-pinscherThe Doberman Pinscher was created in Germany throughout the late 1800s, mainly like a guard dog. His exact ancestry is unknown, but he’s thought to be a combination of many breeds of dogs, such as the Rottweiler, Black and Tan Terrier, and German Pinscher. Together with his sleek coat, sports build, and characteristic popped ears and docked tail, the Doberman Pinscher appears like an aristocrat. He’s a very energetic and intelligent dog, suited to police and military work, canine sports, so that as a household protector and companion.

His look is elegant and the style sports the Dobie can also be intelligent, alert, and dependable. He’s a courageous guard dog in addition to a beloved family companion.

The Dobie’s fierce status precedes him. He’s feared by individuals that do not know him, stereotyped as highly aggressive and vicious. True, he’s a formidable protector, but he is generally a gentle, careful, and loving dog. He doesn’t go searching for trouble, but he’s courageous and can defend his family and turf if he perceives danger.

For those who have a sizable bit of property that you’re attempting to safeguard, a Doberman Pinscher is a superb guard dog for you personally. This breed is amazingly fast and has the capacity to achieve a burglar inside an almost no time. Referred to as fifth-smartest breed of dog on the planet, Dobermans are courageous, alert, and dependable dogs.

Vital Stats:

Dog Breed Group: Working Dogs
Height: 2 feet to 2 feet, 4 inches tall at the shoulder
Weight: 60 to 80 pounds
Life Span: 10 to 13 years

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