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Easy and Natural ways of How to Stop Barking a New Puppy

How to Stop Barking a New Puppy

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Easy and Natural ways of How to Stop Barking a New Puppy

A puppy means a little cute & so sweet pet. I like puppy especially petting it, my little kids also love puppy. Do you like a puppy? I am just kidding. Because I know that you love puppy also you have got a puppy soon. Whatever, IS you puppy barking little bit or a lot? Are you feeling boring for it?  The sound of barking is huge harsh. That could be annoying to someone very easily event it could be the reason of tension for new puppy owner… like you!

When your puppy is barking a lot and you are doing so many things to quite your puppy. But nothing is working perfect and your puppy keeps barking. So it’s quite possible the situation turn your feelings away. It also could make you totally disappointed in puppy. Every barking’s sound hitting hard in your ears. Then I will tell you nothing to be the worry. I have to face the same situation.

So let’s start the story how did I Stop Barking a New Puppy.


It was afternoon……. I have got a new puppy in my house. My little kids were so excited. He started to play with the puppy. When night come’s we feed the puppy and keep him in DogHouse (a little room for only Dog). And my DogHouse was few far away from my bedroom. Till then everything was fine. But when we went to bed the puppy started to bark.  And the puppy was barking on and on.

First time I thought that probably he is hungry so I gave him food. But When I come back into my room I saw that puppy was still barking.

The second time I thought puppy getting Cold. Because then was winter season. So I picked up a Dog blanket and give it over the puppy.  And came back into my room again but he was still barking.

One’s a time I got angry and scolded puppy that also did not work. Though that was too ridicules.  However, after doing so many things over the few hours I had been so numb.

But at lust, I did one thing that made me success to stop my puppy’s barking. And I am sure this thing also would be helpful to you. It was so easy and simple job. I just follow the nature and implement it to my puppy and finally the result was a miracle. Infect when we being face to face a problem most of the time we take it as a very difficult thing. That makes our to worry and then we try it seriously.  As a result, we can’t catch solution that is very easy and so simple due to our excitement. Isn’t it? That’s why we should try to think something in cool mind. That would be very helpful to us.


Just Do This……. Just think about it, suppose you have been somewhere for the first time with someone. He could be your friends. And you have no idea about the place you are. And your friend went away and left you alone. There is no man around you. How would you feel the moment? Would you enjoy the moment or feel something like uneasy. Try to think in deep………… If you feel uneasy or get scared then consider the same thing to your puppy.

Before several hours ago the puppy was with its family. When I picked it and brought in my home it was a new experience for him. He was a little bit timid. And this is the first time the puppy is out of his family that’s really troublesome. In this situation when I left him alone in the DogHouse, he was feeling so uncomfortable and getting scared. When I realize this, I asked him in the room and kept him just beside my bed. Then I started to pet the puppy. When I was petting the puppy, he started to feel some comfortable and stop barking.


After sometime…………….both I and my puppy started to watch dream.

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